As you all may know once February hits I’m hard to find in this little town and even harder to be found anywhere else because I don’t stay in one place too long unless I’m in my cozy bed!  I started this week the mad dash for prep for the Fair’s coming up!  I bought truck loads of furniture and seriously boxes of scrap jewelry that are yelping to get out and be made beautiful!  If you come by the house you might find the expected-paint guns-vintage trailers in all kinds of stages at the moment-my work tables to be in heaps of design and not to mention the new sewing nook that is already full of layouts.  And to really set the panic button off I have two new spring lines in both the stores being released and yes 300 pieces of linen to be stocked this week.  So DON’T be shy and come by if you dare to catch me!  All prayers appreciated and I accept free meals too!  Lot’s of Love in the air-*Co-Co