No I’m not talking about shasta daisy’s when I say Spring Shasta’s,  I’m talking about a blooming 10 foot and 14 foot trailer!  My 14 foot Shasta trailer is ready to go as soon as we get some lights going on the outside.  The 10 foot Shasta trailer is well underway.  This week pre-rain I was able to gut the trailer, install new bead board ceilings and walls.  I still have three more panels but thanks to the hardware store they were out and I am taking a forced break.  Or should I say thank you God!  It felt nice to wash the fiberglass and sawdust off for a day!  I have two choices of spectacular furniture I must decide on one and then the new upholstery and curtains!  My goal is to have them ready for RoundTop Antique’s Fair at the end of March for sale.  So if your interested in purchasing one of them please contact me for info!  I will be posting pictures this week for you to check them out! Have a Blessed day and remember God is in control!