As the year ends I try to recap on the events that passed by all to quickly.  And if it hasn’t been a year of computer failure I get to add photos.  It’s funny how yesterday’s portraits are what remind us today of what flew by.

January started off with my first showing at Dallas Market and the outpour of support as usual was amazing!  In February I started seeing my first book on shelves in Hobby Lobby and Barnes & Noble!  March I sold a house flip and bought a sweet piece of Texas property next to Round Top to start building a dream home.  (That will be another few months from now by the way).  I also bought a new house to flip in Smithville and will be showcasing the mess of pictures of before and afters in my next post!  With the new house, came a dilapidated shed that I was able to restore and create a new studio space in my own backyard! I survived Round Top twice and was blessed, blessed, blessed!  I hosted my first few women’s ministry events and learned about myself and how to serve others.  We’ve made it to June now and I got to get on the road with my little sister and explore as we made it up to the Amazing Old Glory Antiques Fair!  I was so overwhelmed by the wonderful people that entered my life and the beautiful Holly Kuhn.  And to boot all the amazing customers that stood in line to buy my book at the book signing.  Unfortunately, on the way home we lost the water pump in the truck and made the trip an adventure as we explored Pueblo, CO.  I made it home in time to return with the truck and trailer and do my second Dallas Market.  Bought my first John Deere for the property and a barbed wire fence.  In July my hubby and I were camp counselors for a whole long week at our church camp and a bunch of teenagers.  (I’m glad I survived to tell you about it)!  We did make it back to the beautiful CO and drove to the top of Mt. Evans and it was scary!  Left my name at the Cadillac Ranch and slept at the bottom of the Palo Duro Canyon!  Did I mention I’m still working on the flip house!  By now We’ve moved in my friends!  After all this adventure I bought my first kayak and cruised Rockport with the waves and the fish.  Yes, I’m making jewelry and stamping cards and creating in between all these lines your reading!  Did I mention I’ve got a teenager now too, that I’m homeschooling!  I made some great new friends in business and in life.  And right before the Year ended I started working for a very talented woman in Round Top and growing as usual.  Despite the sanding, the long days, the short nights and the many things I probably missed……….I AM BLESSED.

I look forward to a new year.  For an opportunity to see new things, make new things and to serve while doing it.  As always, God is Good!

2014 Has come to an end.

Picking for one of the many new lines that came out this year!


The hard work has begun on the new flip. It’s not my own tv show but it’s a selfie!


Not sure what I was thinking but when is this going to be done!


Just closed on the new property! Had to get some rain boots for all the “surprises” on the ground.


Studio is almost done!


Headed home after a week on the road!


Almost headed home actually, this is us in Pueblo.


Yes, we took a week vacation to be camp counselor’s for the church. Good Times.


Time to start working on the outside of the flip. Don’t forget to stay tuned for before and afters!


Had a hard time deciding on paint.


I did mention we made it to the top of Mt Evans in the car. Scary.


Old Glory Fair!!! It was Awesome!


Still working I promise!


Cadillac Ranch! REVISED!


My morning view from the floor of Palo Duro Canyon


The calm waters before the rocky ones from the kayak!


This is what I looked like when it was all over. I welcome you 2015!