I am a creative soul putting my heart on canvas.  I enjoy finding quirky, fun, memorable, unique and soulful treasures for what ever comes to mind.  I have a passion for making one of a kind jewelry from antique and vintage treasures combined making distinctive and unique statements.  I paint furniture into new shades of hues that they wish they could have been and sew old things into new things!  I usually don’t have a plan but I will know it when I see it!

You can come see me on my little piece of Warrenton Texas during the Rountop Antiques Fair!  When I’m not there my jewelry is showcased at Old World Antieks in La Grange Tx.

I have just published my first book on jewelry design so make sure to check it out before you leave!

As Marylin Monroe said

We are all of us STARs and we deserve to twinkle.